About African Roots

AFRICAN ROOTS COFFEES are all terroir specific, estate grown, premium grade, single origin, traceable, 100% Arabica African coffees. Estate/ region specific coffees reflect seasonal variations and the nuances of soil, climate, topography and altitude. African Roots coffees are typically grown at high altitude. They are aimed at a sophisticated and discerning niche market. A sophisticated coffee drinker who is looking for the right balance of flavours and nuances will not be disappointed.

The commitment of African Roots Coffee is to single origin, estate specific premium coffees, with the origin of each bag identified. The coffees being showcased are 100% Arabica which are lower in caffeine content than Robusta coffees.

In bringing this exclusive range to you, it must be noted that like a good wine with terroir a critical determinant in the end product, these coffees offered will vary slightly from harvest to harvest, depending on, amongst other factors, those of altitude, aspect, rainfall and soil .

African Roots coffees are presently showcasing coffee from the Edelweiss and Edelweiss Finagro estates in Tanzania and premium Kenyan Estates. These Estates currently export to Japan, the USA and Germany/Europe. AFRICAN ROOTS COFFEE has the sole distribution rights of the Tanzanian and Kenyan coffees in South Africa.

Opening Times:

Monday - Saturday 7am to 6 pm
Sundays and Public Holidays - 9am to 4pm

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Experience our exceptional coffees at The Pearls Shopping Centre on the terrace facing Lagoon Drive, Umhlanga Rocks.


What our customers are saying

Awesome African coffee for all coffee lovers!!! Fantastic Service.!!! Very convenient and cosy location at Pearls Mall.

Keddah K